COVID-19 vaccine registration for above 18 years

COVID-19 vaccine registration for above 18 years

CoWIN APP: To prevent corona virus infection, the government used the Arogya Setu App. After this, now the government is going to use the app for vaccination as well.

CoWIN App means Covid Vaccine Intelligence Network. This is the digital weapon that the Government of India is going to use to make the largest vaccine program successful in the country. It is believed that during the vaccine program starting from Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Narendra Modi) will also launch this app. Through this app, the government has made a plan to monitor the data related to the vaccine.To prevent corona virus infection, the government had resorted to the Arogya Setu App. After this, now the government is going to use the app for vaccination as well. After the transport, cold storage and hospital arrangements, the government has prepared the Kovin app. People who get vaccinated through this app will be kept accountable. Starting on January 16, 3 lakh health workers will be vaccinated in the vaccine drive on the first day.

Registration Module: Here a person can register himself for free on the Kovin app. It will also be used to record vaccine data. Apart from this, a person can also register himself by going to the service center. At the same time, managers can also upload large amounts of data. Through this, the details of the vaccine can be verified and it will also know when the second dose is to be given.At the same time, a person will be given a certificate with the QR code after applying the vaccine in the beneficiary agreement. At the same time, monitoring of the pre-decided session and the ongoing session can also be monitored.

When will the CoWIN app be available and how can one register on it? Media reports suggest that the Kovin app may be available to the general public by the end of March this year. After this, users will be able to register themselves in it. Now the question arises that how will you register to get yourself vaccinated through this app. In the first step you will have to register on the CoWIN app. After this you will receive a message with the location and date. You have to take this message to the vaccine center and show it. Here your ID will be checked and verification will be done on the CoWIN app through OTP. After this whole process you will be vaccinated and the data will be uploaded. After this, you will get a message regarding when the second dose is to be given and you will have to stay at the center for half an hour to check for side effects. To register on this app, a person will need a photo ID. For this, Aadhaar card, driving license, pan card and other IDs can be used.

Administrator module: The CoWIN app will help monitor, strategize and handle the beneficiary’s vaccine session. There will be an administrator module with a beneficiary management platform. Through this, a vaccine session can be prepared with information. There are many things involved in this, such as – How many people can be vaccinated in a day, on a block, at a time, and who will be vaccinated.

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There is no answer right now. The Kovin app has not yet been released for general public use. If you somehow download it from the App Store, it will not work. Right now only health officials are able to use this app. At the same time, the data of people taking the vaccine in the first phase has already been fed into it.

Back End Module: Currently it is the most important part of the app. It can view the temperature and send real time information to the central server. People managing the program will get information on the dashboard about what is happening at the cold chain points at the block level. Cold chain points can be alerted and information will be available in case of any kind of problem.

This app has two parts. The beneficiary will use the first part. Whereas, the second part will be the back end module, which will be used by the vaccine. As soon as this app is available to everyone, then it will have four modules – User Administrator, Beneficial Registration, Vaccination and Benefit Assessment and Status Updation.

You can log into the Co-WIN portal using the link and click on the “Register/Sign In yourself” tab to register for COVID-19 vaccination

There is no authorised mobile app for registering for vaccination in India except Aarogya Setu. You need to log into the Co-WIN portal. Alternatively, you can also register for vaccination through the Aarogya Setu App.

All citizens aged 18 years and above can register for vaccination.

COVID-19 vaccine registration for above 18 years