UWIN Card Apply [Full form, Benefit, Registration] यू-विन कार्ड 2021

UWIN Card Apply [Full form, Benefit, Registration] यू-विन कार्ड 2021

UWIN Card 2020-21

UWIN card full formUnorganized Workers’ Identification Number 
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UWIN card beneficiaryUnorganized Workers

Eligibility Criteria

  • Unorganized Worker (UW)
  • Entry age between 14 to 59 years

Should not be

  • Engaged in Organized Sector (member of EPFO/NPS/ESIC)

Should be

  • Aadhaar card holder
  • Having Savings Bank Account / Jan Dhan account number with IFSC

UWIN Card- Providing Unorganized Workers Index Card Number to workers in the informal sector [uwin card apply, benefits, full form, registration,

The Ministry of Labor under the leadership of the Central Government has taken the initiative to propose issuance of UWIN cards to the informal sector workers. In this initiative, the registration of about 47 crore workers of the unorganized sector will be registered. A new record will be created to enable the people working mainly as informal fromm under this scheme to provide the benefits of social security schemes run by EPFO ​​and ESIC so that they can easily get the benefits of all the schemes. Can go

UWIN card as identification number of unorganized workers
The Unorganized Workers Identification Number or UWIN card is a proposed number to be issued as a proof to identify the unorganized workers in India. The Unorganized Workers Identification Number is the number provided to a large section of workers in the unorganized sector by issuing a unique ID and allotting an Aadhaar seeded identification number without issuance of any smart card.

In 2014, a decision was taken to redesign and develop the Unorganized Worker Identification Number (UWIN) under the Unorganized Workers Social Security Act 2008 under the leadership of the Union Ministry of Labor and Employment. In this, some rules were laid down under which it was mandatory for every worker in the unorganized sector to be registered in UWIN. The entire scheme was divided into two phases by the Ministry of Labor and Employment, after which an amount of 402.7 crores has been allocated for the implementation of this project.


Beneficiaries of UWIN Card

The present labor force in India is formally divided which includes 47.41 crore people. Out of which 82.7% labor force is under unorganized sector and 17.3% is under organized sector as per NSSO survey 2011-12. Therefore, in order to provide social security benefits to the unorganized workers, the Government of India enacted the Social Security Act in 2008 to create a right-based legal framework to provide social security framework to the least benefited unorganized sector workers. Can you UWIN has been provided for providing all social security benefits to those workers under this act. At present there is no centralized database available to show the number of unorganized workers in India. Primarily UWIN will help to a great extent in the creation of the National Unorganized Labor Database.

As expected by the Ministry of Labor and Employment, the national database of unorganized workers will cover 675 districts in 29 states and 7 union territories. This data will be useful for other ministries to provide benefits to workers under social security schemes. UWIN cards will bring workers in the unorganized sector under the ambit of social security. Accordingly the workers will get access to various schemes of Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (retirement fund body) and Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (state health insurer).

Purpose of UWIN Card

The major objectives of the UWIN card initiative to provide identification numbers to workers in the unorganized sector are:-

Creation of a unified database for the unorganized workers, to act as a platform to enable the social security services provided to the unorganized workers.

Identification of unorganized workers from the data gathered with the help of this scheme, after they are registered, by assigning a unique UWIN (Unorganized Workers Identification Number) to each registered worker.

The card will include details of the family through the concept of single family and connected family and all kinds of relationship links to facilitate the distribution of family-based benefits through the scheme.

The platform will help identify and enable skill development requirement, employer-worker mapping and outcome-based policy making and decision making.
The database gathered with the help of U Win card extend the benefits of social security schemes to about 15 crore families (40 crore unorganized workers).

Use of SECC 2011 data as UWIN card database

A new database will be prepared by collecting data on social and economic form mainly from the data collected on the basis of Caste Census 2011 for collecting data in UWIN platform. That 2011 census database gives a complete study of all the social and economic status of rural and urban households. From which the ranking position of many domestic parameters present in the country can also be obtained.

The SECC database primarily reflects Indian citizens and their personal and household information, which includes demographic details, income, employment and ownership profiles along with family details of workers in the unorganized sector. Fields from SECC database will be used along with additional information provided by the unorganized worker during the UWIN database registration and verification phase.

The following data fields from SECC will be included to prepare the database of UWIN:-

state code
district code
sub district code
The person’s name
permanent address
Date of birth
marital status
father’s name
mother’s name
business / activity
main sources of income

Overview of UWIN Card for Informal Workers

UWIN cards will be generated for every worker in the unorganized sector which will have a number which will be linked with the Aadhar card. Each worker will be given a separate UWIN card number. The main function of this scheme is to provide the benefits of all social security schemes to the workers of every unorganized sector.

The main objective of this scheme is the social security dream of the informal laborers under the leadership of the central government so that they can be given the benefits of all the schemes at the right time. The work of raising finance for this will also be done by the government. For the smooth running of this scheme, workers and members will also be appointed by the government. After the implementation of this scheme, many laborers will be covered under this scheme like Maternity Benefit Act, Payment of Gratuity Act, Employees Compensation Act, Unorganized Social Security Act, Welfare Cess and Fund Act etc.

Each UWIN card has a unique number which will be printed along with the Aadhaar number. This is necessary to provide the benefits of social security schemes at a single point. Also after the completion of the registration process, Govt. Can bring labor code on social security and welfare. UWIN cards are efficient and the results of the pilot phase of this system are satisfactory.

However, the primary issue is who will pay the contribution to informal workers under the schemes of EPFO ​​and ESIC. Under these plans, both the employee and the employer contribute to Social Security plan accounts. Accordingly, the government plans to create a separate mechanism to collect funds as employers will not contribute towards the scheme.

Central Govt. Wants to hand over social security code to informal workers. This new code will solve the issue of employer contribution. Additionally, the code also allows the worker to become a principal employer if the worker is an informal or non-employee. The code would eliminate the need for the principal employer to subscribe to and benefit from Social Security plans.

In addition, the Code on Social Security and Welfare will merge all 15 existing social security laws. This will include EPF and MP Act, ESI Act, Maternity Benefit Act, Payment of Gratuity Act, Employees Compensation Act, Unorganized Social Security Act and many other welfare cess or fund acts.